Strange Goings On…

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The subjects I loved the most at secondary school were Art and History and despite having an English teacher who disagreed with me for a majority of my school life, I did enjoy writing poems and short stories in my spare time. During the holidays, when I was bored I would create my own cartoon strips inspired by the books I loved to read which included Asterix and Garfield the Cat. My love for History came from my Dad, I remember visiting many of the London Museums and I will never forget the time when Dad announced he fancied a trip to the Tower of London. Mum had made plans that day so it was just Dad and I, I was so excited. Now, this journey which should have been straight forward, turned into a bit of a comedy… which was the story of our lives. We managed to arrive at Paddington Station with no bother at all, but after that we had a ‘carry on’ moment with our attempts to reach Tower Bridge. Dad was adamant we were on the correct tube but we ended up on the wrong side of the Thames every time. Dad got himself into a right state, effing and blinding. We ended up asking a ticket tout how to get across the water without actually having to swim. Finally, after a whole morning of going round in circles, we finally made it across with only an afternoon to cram everything in, including the tour of the Crown Jewels… Dad made sure we got our moneys worth alright.

I was a teenager when my Mum told me about the history of our housing estate. As well as farmland with an orchard, which funnily enough was the same area where Mum used to ride her bike and go scrumping… it also happened to be an archaeologists triumph. When they started to build the foundations of the houses the builders discovered what turned out to be the remains of a Roman Villa. I was amazed, what an exciting find! The whole area had to be excavated before the building work could commence. I used to dig around the back garden in the hope of finding my own treasure and I was lucky enough to find fragments of pottery as well as animal bones… my sister even found a tiny compass. I remember taking a piece of pottery to show my History teacher and he confirmed it was part of a Roman vase, I was so chuffed you wouldn’t believe.

Mum also told me about the strange goings on both herself and my sister experienced in the house during the early 1970s. Some would think, ahh they’re crazy, but I honestly believe what they experienced actually happened. They would often hear digging outside in middle of the night and when Mum would look out of the window it would stop. This happened for a number of years, along with the man who would appear in my sisters bedroom… this man appeared fairly often, up until one day when Mum came home from shopping. She noticed a figure at the top of the stairs looking down at her, Mum said he turned quickly then disappeared into my sisters bedroom. Thinking somebody had broken into the house, Mum said she ran up the stairs and looked into the bedroom only to see a head and torso but no legs… she told me he had looked around at her and then literally went straight out through the window. They never saw him again. I remember Mum also telling me about our next door neighbour running out of her house screaming after witnessing some strange goings on, this basically verified their own sanity. They weren’t going crazy after all.

My sisters room ended up as my room once she had moved out and even though I never really experienced anything unusual, I did feel uneasy sleeping in there sometimes. The room was directly above the shed, so it was always cold and if I heard any noises in the night, I would automatically think back to what Mum had told me. My heart would start racing then I would bury myself under the covers with the hope it wasn’t the return of the legless man. Even though I was a bit unnerved by Mum’s revelations, this did not stop me from becoming increasingly interested in the paranormal and to this day have experienced many unexplained occurrences of my own…

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