Swings & Roundabouts

person wearing black low top shoes standing concrete pavement
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

Occasionally, I would escape to the local playground which was opposite a parade of shops and a garage block. This playground was half park and half grass area, the park area had a huge metal slide which, in the hot summer months would give you third degree burns, there was a roundabout which use to spin out of control and I remember once being so dizzy I was physically sick. Then there were the monkey bars which were so high off the ground, if you did fall you knew you would be straight down A&E with a broken arm or leg. Thankfully, this never happened to me but I remember a few kids who had injured themselves quite badly… there was nothing below the equipment to cushion your fall, apart from tarmac. Even on the swings, kids would gain such a momentum they would go flying off head first, or over the bars. ┬áHealth and safety didn’t appear to be a priority back then and I swear to this day there was a conspiracy… a way of trying to reduce the population.